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At Elite Chiropractic, we have the appointment that suits you.

Initial Adjustment + Consultation - $100


For your first visit to Elite Chiropractic, Dr Jay will have a consultation with you to discuss the problems you may be experiencing. This appointment typically takes 20-30 minutes.  

Child Adjustment - $55


Dr Jay takes a softer approach when adjusting children. This appointment takes about 15 minutes.

Standard Adjustment - $68


A standard adjustment is recommended either fortnightly or monthly to keep everything in alignment. This appointment takes 15 minutes.  

Veteran Affairs + Medicare Adjustment


This is the same as a standard adjustment, though if you have a DVA card + GP referral, your session will be covered. If you have a Medicare EPC referral, the government covers a portion and you'll pay a gap of $15.

Long Adjustment -  $93


If you have multiple alignment concerns or examination of X-rays, please book a long adjustment for 30 minutes. 

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